$100.00 per treatment (45min)

$75.00 for island residents

45.00 Pediatric (1/2hr)

$50-$70 low-middle income in need of ongoing therapy.

~ 1-2 weeks is considered a follow-up appointment and is always recomended after 1st visit

~ 3-4 weeks is considered a maintenance visit. 3-weeks is for athletes, demanding careers, parents with young children etc.

~ You are always improving with this type of work. Your monthly maintenance visits will show long term results. 

~ Sessions are integrative and full body, therefore you can continue with your day without effecting your session. 

~ You will feel relaxed and blanced afterward so plan accordingly

~ Bring entertainment for your children and they are welcome to wait in the lobby during your visit. 

~ Teenagers need to be accompanied by a legal parent.